Custom weapon props;

Twin Missile racks


​Hood and Mohawk Spikes

  In April of 2018, Two Gilchrist County Sheriff Deputies were ambushed during a lunchbreak and killed. My flags are a memorial for them. My family knew them both. As the flags become unserviceable, they will be replaced, on this and every future ZomBkar I build. ​As a former Correctional Officer who has lost friends at my own workplace, this hits home in many ways.

We back the Blue! Condolences for their families.


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Now we have the ZK3! A Ford F-150 modified

with remnants from the previous two vehicles!

It has also been upgraded with Weapons and Memorial Flags!

In October, 2016, the Charger was destroyed by poor road construction. September 2017 the ZK2 has blown the engine at 220,000 miles!