In October of 2016, the ZK1-Charger was totaled in action. It has been replaced on the road with the larger ZK2-Expedition. Many of the upgrades destined for the ZK1 are now being restructured for the ZK2. Keep an eye out for this vehicle and feel free to take pics!


Q- "Is that a wrap?"

A- No. It is hand painted, literally.

Q- "Does that (paint) come off?"

A- No. As I paint, I spray it with clearcoat.


Q- "Was that a cop car?"

A-  No. It is not, and never has been.

Q- "Did you do that for Halloween?"

A- No. The first paint went on, mid-July 2014.

The ZOMBKAR Units:

These vehicles are physical creations of the response vehicles in three upcoming books being written by author K.D. Adams.

Stay tuned to this site as the KARs take on a life of their own, as they evolve to become assault vehicles to be reckoned with.